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Donor Program

Our acclaimed egg donor program can be an essential step on the path to parenthood

Because many women and men require donor eggs, the leading-edge donor program at our South Austin fertility clinic has helped numerous women and men achieve their dream of parenthood. In fact, close to 15,000 IVF cycles in the United States each year utilize an egg donor. This option is incredibly beneficial for women managing fertility challenges and for same-sex male couples and single men.

Who would need to utilize our donor program?

There are a variety of reasons that would make someone a good candidate for donor eggs.

Same-sex male couples. All male couples who want to have a biological child will require eggs from one of our high-quality donors. They will also need the support of a gestational surrogate.

Advanced maternal age. The quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs peaks in her 20s and begins to decline in her 30s. As a result, some women of advanced maternal age will need donor eggs. To determine whether a woman has a diminished ovarian reserve, we will conduct an ultrasound and bloodwork.

Recurrent miscarriage or failed IVF cycles. Women who have experienced multiple miscarriages or repeat failed IVF cycles can benefit from our donor program.

Inheritable genetic conditions. We recommend all patients undergo genetic testing to determine whether they have any conditions that could be passed on to future children. If the woman has an inheritable genetic condition that could be harmful, we may recommend our egg donation program.

The doctors at our South Austin fertility clinic will guide patients through comprehensive fertility evaluations. The goal is to help them determine whether they should consider egg donation.

Learn more about our high-quality egg donors and screening process

Patients can rest assured that we conduct extensive screening on all donors. This screening ensures that our donor program only offers premium egg donors.

  • Thorough health screening. All women in our program undergo an extensive health screening. This screening ensures that their eggs offer a high chance of resulting in healthy embryos. This testing consists of bloodwork that checks her hormones, an ultrasound to determine her ovarian reserve and a Pap smear and urine test.
  • Psychological evaluation. A mental health professional conducts a psychological health evaluation on all donors to confirm they are of sound mental health and able to fully commit to an egg donation cycle.
  • Genetic testing. We confirm that women in our program don’t have inheritable genetic conditions by having them undergo comprehensive genetic screening that tests for conditions such as spinal muscular atrophy, Tay Sachs, sickle cell disease and more. In addition, a genetic counselor evaluates the donor’s family medical history.

When patients are ready to select a donor, our South Austin fertility clinic specialists will personally guide them through each step. Our team will facilitate the selection of their ideal donor who will give them the best possible chance of taking home a healthy baby.

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