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LGBTQ Fertility

Our South Austin fertility clinic offers LGBTQ fertility treatments

Because loving families come in many forms, our South Austin fertility clinic is proud to offer LGBTQ fertility treatments. To support the family-building process, we work with same-sex male and female couples to create a customized treatment plan to help them grow their family.

Discover the numerous LGBTQ fertility treatment options

After determining the specific needs of LGBTQ patients, the team at our South Austin fertility clinic creates a treatment plan that meets their unique needs. There are numerous LGBTQ fertility treatment options.

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm. A popular treatment option for lesbian couples is an IUI with donor sperm. This option involves injecting a concentrated amount of donor sperm into the uterus of one of the hopeful mothers.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm. Another option for lesbian couples is IVF using donor sperm. In this case, one of the hopeful mothers will take ovarian stimulation medications to promote the growth of numerous eggs. Our team will then retrieve the eggs and fertilize them with donor sperm.
  • Reciprocal IVF with donor sperm. This option allows both partners in a lesbian couple to share in the joy of pregnancy and childbirth. One woman will undergo ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval to provide the eggs. Our doctors will then transfer the healthiest embryo to the uterus of the hopeful mother, and she will carry the pregnancy.
  • IVF with donor eggs and gestational surrogacy. An additional LGBTQ fertility option is IVF with egg donation. All same-sex male couples will need donor eggs and a gestational carrier to have a biological child. Our team will fertilize the donor eggs with sperm from one of the male partners. The doctor will then transfer one embryo to the gestational surrogate’s uterus.

It’s important for LGBTQ couples to know that Texas law prohibits the use of traditional surrogacy, which involves a woman serving as both the egg donor and gestational carrier. In addition, Texas law only allows gestational surrogacy for married couples. To gain a thorough understanding of these laws, we recommend obtaining the counsel of a family lawyer.

It’s our honor to help you build your family

Our compassionate and knowledgeable team helps LGBTQ couples experience the joy of taking home a healthy baby. We work closely with each couple to ensure we select the fertility path that best suits their needs and gives them the best chance of parenthood. We understand that this journey can seem overwhelming, which is why we take pride in our ability to offer clarity and support as you build your family.

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